Discover Moldova: 10 Beautiful Places to Visit


Nestled in the heart of Eastern Europe, Moldova is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. Despite its modest size, this landlocked country boasts a rich cultural heritage, picturesque landscapes, and warm hospitality. From historic monasteries to lush vineyards, Moldova offers a diverse range of attractions for every type of traveler. Here are 10 beautiful places to visit in Moldova that will leave you enchanted.

  1. Orheiul Vechi – Ancient Treasures in the Lapse of Time: Orheiul Vechi, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is an open-air museum showcasing Moldova’s rich history. This archaeological complex features ancient cave monasteries, carved directly into limestone cliffs. The site also offers stunning views of the Răut River, providing a serene escape into the country’s past.
  2. Milestii Mici – The Wine Capital Underground: Moldova is renowned for its wine, and a visit to Milestii Mici is a must for wine enthusiasts. Recognized by the Guinness World Records as the largest wine cellar in the world, Milestii Mici stretches over 200 kilometers and houses an impressive collection of wine bottles. Visitors can explore the underground cellars and sample some of Moldova’s finest wines.
  3. Cricova Winery – A Wine Lover’s Paradise: Another wine lover’s paradise is the Cricova Winery, known for its extensive underground wine cellars. Cricova’s underground tunnels stretch for about 120 kilometers and hold millions of bottles of wine, including rare and vintage selections. The winery tour offers a unique experience, taking visitors through a labyrinth of tunnels adorned with sparkling wine bottles.
  4. Soroca Fortress – Timeless Beauty on the Dniester: Soroca Fortress, perched on the banks of the Dniester River, is a well-preserved historical gem. Constructed in the 15th century, this fortress has served various purposes throughout its existence, including as a military stronghold and a trade center. Today, it stands as a testament to Moldova’s resilience and historical significance.
  5. Capriana Monastery – Spiritual Tranquility: Capriana Monastery, surrounded by dense forests, is one of the oldest monasteries in Moldova. Founded in the 15th century, it has undergone numerous renovations over the centuries. The monastery’s serene atmosphere, beautiful architecture, and lush surroundings make it a peaceful retreat for those seeking spiritual solace.
  6. Tipova Monastery – Nature’s Sanctuary: Tucked away along the Dniester River, Tipova Monastery is a hidden gem accessible only by boat or on foot. Carved into the cliffs, the monastery offers a breathtaking blend of natural beauty and historical significance. Visitors can explore the cave complex and marvel at the medieval frescoes that adorn the walls.
  7. Chisinau – Moldova’s Vibrant Capital: No visit to Moldova is complete without exploring its capital, Chisinau. Despite its Soviet influence, Chisinau has a vibrant atmosphere with tree-lined boulevards, charming parks, and a lively cultural scene. The city’s central square, Cathedral Park, is home to the impressive Nativity Cathedral, an iconic symbol of Moldova.
  8. Saharna Monastery – Cascading Waterfalls and Spiritual Serenity: Saharna Monastery, located in northern Moldova, is known for its stunning natural surroundings. The highlight of the area is the Saharna Waterfall, which cascades down from a limestone ridge. The monastery, situated nearby, adds a spiritual touch to the picturesque landscape.
  9. Hincu Monastery – A Haven of Peace: Hincu Monastery, founded in the 17th century, is a peaceful retreat surrounded by lush greenery. The monastery complex includes a church, living quarters, and a beautiful garden. Visitors can experience the tranquility of the surroundings and enjoy a moment of reflection in this serene haven.
  10. Padurea Domneasca – Explore Moldova’s Pristine Wilderness: For nature enthusiasts, Padurea Domneasca, Moldova’s largest nature reserve, is a haven of biodiversity. This vast forested area is home to diverse flora and fauna, providing opportunities for hiking, bird watching, and connecting with nature.


Moldova, with its rich history, cultural heritage, and natural beauty, is a destination that captivates the senses. From the underground wine cellars to the ancient monasteries and picturesque landscapes, Moldova offers a unique and enchanting experience for travelers. As you explore these 10 beautiful places, you’ll discover the diverse facets of this charming Eastern European country.

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